prime story telling

25 Aug

Throwing things, yelling in a mad high pitch

Here we go again with this psychopath bitch

The neighbors will hear you, you misfit

Can’t disagree with the bitch without this shit

The price we pay to fuck women

The most pretty bitch got the psycho shit within them

Stuck up, as soon as I pop up

But see me with the next she wanna tear the fucking club up

Check her pants, and number confirming

Learned more and more they’re just shifty dumb vermins

And you know, probably get cussed if I backslip miss while she busy trying to justify who cheated first

“Rick what would I want with this small chain wearin muh-fucka trying to front?”

I oughta cut her off, let another sooth me but I don’t know, ordinary bitch don’t move me I mean,

I tried to fall in love with a bittie but straight up,

just be with the bitch out of pity


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