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where im from we eat koopas for breakfast

29 Nov

chun-li theme from 3rd strike

artist, judebuffum


source, spelbroderna

original source, judebuffum


Great matches always end with a bang #3

29 Nov

Tokido (GO/AK) vs Momochi (KEN)

Ranked Online Match

Tokido (GO) vs Momochi (KE)

artist, tsukishoujo


video uploader, 0ShinAkuma0

source, shoryuken

Great matches always end with a bang #2

26 Nov

BLG VanGief(ZA) VS EG Ricky Ortiz(CH)

NorthCal Regionals 8 Grand Finals.

Vangief (ZA) vs Ricky Ortiz (CH)

artist, tsukishoujo


video uploader, iplaywinner

source, shoryuken

19 seconds of orgasm, the rest is just foreplay.

26 Nov

chemical brothers. playground for a wedgeless farm


26 Nov

“i cant be your role-model, i cant be your savior,i cant be your anti-christ,

i dont know what the fuck the illuminati is”

kanye west live, spoken words on stage.

artist, kickz8

now dont you wanna grow up to be just like me?

19 Nov

eminem. role model

artist, Leon370


ready for war.

12 Nov

moby. study war (savage skulls remix)

artist, Boogiepopboogie


mognare än oss

7 Nov

snook. mognare än oss

source, signe


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