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stay suckafree get the ep

26 Mar

gtronic. sucker punch


  1. Sucker Punch
  2. My Money
  3. Slasher

a-ranked bounty hunter takes a music break.

19 Mar

one minute puberty

19 Mar

wish youd knew where we we’re going

5 Mar

because ive seen this exact tree with the exact almost one colored squirrel holding a roach, trying to judge if its food or not. and the smell of green fruit always appears and feints away at this exact moment. ahh lost again.


ratatat. tropicana

artist, Abraal


3 Mar

oskar linnros. vilja bli

jessie <3.

jag börjar tro att

3 Mar

oskar linnros, dom kallas oss för artister. genom eld live

sveriges beatle om 7 år.

what now im takin the bus back to uptown

3 Mar


mtv beat swedish freestyle session, big danne, professor p, sexfemman.


3 Mar

veronica maggio. jag kommer.

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