till the world ends

30 Apr

britney spears. till the world ends, bloody beetroots remix

feels like what’s left from it is a dot, the dot is getting fullblown black now, once there was a huge hole.

can’t believe i’m still fucked up.

artist, sic-josh



One Response to “till the world ends”

  1. Denise Ferringer May 24, 2011 at 03:46 #

    The second single off of her critically acclaimed album Femme Fatale, we have Till the World Ends. An interesting fact is that this song was written by Ke$ha, and as soon as you hear it, you will be able to tell right away. It sounds exactly like an outtake from one of her albums. It’s actually a really new sound for Britney, a club banger. Even if you don’t like Britney, you will most likely like this song, because it’s so mainstream, and is exactly the kind of music that is popular right now.

    This CD single comes with two tracks. The album version, and the instrumental.

    1. Till the World Ends (Album Version) 4/5 – A great strong second single. This is the kind of song you would expect to hear in a club. Her voice is particularly interesting here, because there’s hardly any autotune in it, and on songs like this artists tend to over use it.

    2. Till the World Ends (Instrumental) 4/5 – This instrumental is heavy in synths. Unfortunately, unlike the Hold It Against Me instrumental, this instrumental is somewhat of a jumbled mess, instead of the tight nit production that Hold It Against Me had.

    Overall, I’d recommend this song to anyone, even if they’re not a Britney fan. Like I said, it’s so mainstream, anyone would like the song, because they’re so used to hearing it on the radio.

    Overall rating: 4/5

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