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weird green haired chick from venus on my

26 May

swizz beatz, a$ap rocky. street knock.


gesaffelstein is lightning type

16 Jul

gesaffelstein. opr

you look like a ghost

10 May

gemini club. ghost, hey champ remix


17 Apr

back in the black

15 Apr

cause im back on the track and im beating the flak,

nobodys gonna get me on another rap.

ac/dc. back in black



wish youd knew where we we’re going

5 Mar

because ive seen this exact tree with the exact almost one colored squirrel holding a roach, trying to judge if its food or not. and the smell of green fruit always appears and feints away at this exact moment. ahh lost again.


ratatat. tropicana

artist, Abraal


3 Mar

oskar linnros. vilja bli

jessie <3.

If I was an Ωmega Man.

19 Feb

megaman 3. blue reflection (oc remix)

artist, Trinity630

remixer, injury

composer, Yasuaki Fujita

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