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30 May

what yall niggaz know about dirtysouth?


50 cent. ghetto qu'ran


i know you heard the album i aint mad at’cha

20 Apr

so move closer big baby let me stab at ya

you know the rules

big pac in this mufakka



7 Jan

dr.dre. xplosive


the simple life of a shoto

7 Nov

hot chip. ready for the floor (club remix)

he’s just about ready for the floor, hado. (the picture is ranked, not the song)

source, shoryuken


fingret åt dom

27 Oct

säger brottsligheten minskar om vi slipper kontanter,

asså ni får hitta någon annan ni kan lura,

jag använder mina cash tills jag bränner sista tjugan.

fattaru. fingret åt dom

illuminati för min hjärna själ o kropp.

artist, tomabw


Chrono Trigger

2 Oct
Trigger ignition is about to begin.

if you dont like these 2 songs, get the fuck out of my site.
afterwall it’s not everyday you get to hear not one, but two S-Rank pieces, it’s my    *…erro.*..


seriosly what the fuck?

6 Sep

daft punk. da funk

the world just got darker

3 Sep

so i guess i just got strongerupdated my wardrobe, oh and by the way this time my sword will cut you into four pieces you darkworld motherfucker.

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