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different kind of animal

22 Dec

highwon, sabo & gurmo. ny dag samma skit

 artist, jangmarley   


thruu the hood

4 Nov

blaq poet, dj premer. aint nuthin changed

 artist, JerryCai

Mind Dimension #1

13 Jun

Very educational, thank you for mind dimension lesson 0ne. Biku Sensei.

protoman in this.

12 Jun

marcud d. protoman tribute



ive got the iron boots in the woods

12 May

ephixa. lost woods dubstep remix


artist, Miyukiko


till the world ends

30 Apr

britney spears. till the world ends, bloody beetroots remix

feels like what’s left from it is a dot, the dot is getting fullblown black now, once there was a huge hole.

can’t believe i’m still fucked up.

artist, sic-josh


when shit is this funk, you call it hiphop

15 Apr

kartell. la jeunesse retrouvée



jack that beat

11 Apr

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