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4 Nov

justice. canon

illustrator, darkartistcal


gesaffelstein is lightning type

16 Jul

gesaffelstein. opr

jack that beat

11 Apr

ready for war.

12 Nov

moby. study war (savage skulls remix)

artist, Boogiepopboogie


the simple life of a shoto

7 Nov

hot chip. ready for the floor (club remix)

he’s just about ready for the floor, hado. (the picture is ranked, not the song)

source, shoryuken


my bitch is better than yours

24 Oct

daft punk. emotion

artist, arnistotle


signs of god syndrome

7 Oct
bob rifo is beasting somewhere in the video, 
get high watch this shit cause this motherfucker is
fucked from above
michael jackson had the moon walk, 
bob rifo has the ultimate guitar walkin' swag.

daft funk

24 Sep

i imagine this song is great making some love to after morning-to-night-to-morning when your body is (unfortunately) restoring and your shit gets weary and there is one dro left and the sun is glowing in the morning. e-motion.

daft punk. emotion

artist, NotAgOat


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