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Mind Dimension #1

13 Jun

Very educational, thank you for mind dimension lesson 0ne. Biku Sensei.



17 Apr

a-ranked bounty hunter takes a music break.

19 Mar

one minute puberty

19 Mar

the simple life of a shoto

7 Nov

hot chip. ready for the floor (club remix)

he’s just about ready for the floor, hado. (the picture is ranked, not the song)

source, shoryuken


I never conside myself weak

12 Oct

gods garden extra legends of ksk, daigo, tokido, mago, kokujin.

if I do, that would be discourteous to all the players I’ve ever beaten.

lol @ mago's laughter, i love him.

artist, Kinniku-G


have crabs? call dr.mario

2 Oct

source, sensei: spelbroderna

rock, paper..FATALITY.

20 Sep


mortal kombat 1 fatalities on paper!

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