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20 May


different kind of animal

22 Dec

highwon, sabo & gurmo. ny dag samma skit

 artist, jangmarley   

thruu the hood

4 Nov

blaq poet, dj premer. aint nuthin changed

 artist, JerryCai

30 May

what yall niggaz know about dirtysouth?


50 cent. ghetto qu'ran

21 May

bone thugs n harmony. weed song

note: if stoned, the rank goes from a shining C to B

this record da boooooomb, BLACKOUT!

12 May

method man, redman. blackout


what now im takin the bus back to uptown

3 Mar


mtv beat swedish freestyle session, big danne, professor p, sexfemman.

thats that crack music nigga

23 Jan

kanye west. crack music, that real black music nigga


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