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weird green haired chick from venus on my

26 May

swizz beatz, a$ap rocky. street knock.


dem shades

20 Apr


7 Dec

skullomania theme from street fighter ex3

artist, Maddiox


shotokan fo life

3 Dec

street fighter 4 arcade edition trailer #2

original image source, capcom


image source

Great matches always end with a bang #3

29 Nov

Tokido (GO/AK) vs Momochi (KEN)

Ranked Online Match

Tokido (GO) vs Momochi (KE)

artist, tsukishoujo


video uploader, 0ShinAkuma0

source, shoryuken

Great matches always end with a bang #2

26 Nov

BLG VanGief(ZA) VS EG Ricky Ortiz(CH)

NorthCal Regionals 8 Grand Finals.

Vangief (ZA) vs Ricky Ortiz (CH)

artist, tsukishoujo


video uploader, iplaywinner

source, shoryuken

shit is eazy

26 Oct

time freeze, flash-step forward, walk past blurred. by this time you were done at the first sentance. told you, shit is easy.

eazy-e. boyz n the hood

dewa mata.

artist, NTDevont

I never conside myself weak

12 Oct

gods garden extra legends of ksk, daigo, tokido, mago, kokujin.

if I do, that would be discourteous to all the players I’ve ever beaten.

lol @ mago's laughter, i love him.

artist, Kinniku-G


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