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dem shades

20 Apr


shotokan fo life

3 Dec

street fighter 4 arcade edition trailer #2

original image source, capcom


image source

Great matches always end with a bang #3

29 Nov

Tokido (GO/AK) vs Momochi (KEN)

Ranked Online Match

Tokido (GO) vs Momochi (KE)

artist, tsukishoujo


video uploader, 0ShinAkuma0

source, shoryuken

Great matches always end with a bang #2

26 Nov

BLG VanGief(ZA) VS EG Ricky Ortiz(CH)

NorthCal Regionals 8 Grand Finals.

Vangief (ZA) vs Ricky Ortiz (CH)

artist, tsukishoujo


video uploader, iplaywinner

source, shoryuken

I never conside myself weak

12 Oct

gods garden extra legends of ksk, daigo, tokido, mago, kokujin.

if I do, that would be discourteous to all the players I’ve ever beaten.

lol @ mago's laughter, i love him.

artist, Kinniku-G


Mochi(DH) vs TFmaximum(BA)

28 Sep

A high-level fight online with inputs. Mochi is a Dhalsim beast and TFMaximum is a unknown (to me) Boxer player, allthough this Rog is not to be fucked with. Fighting like he’s trying to get that cash in true Balrog fashion.

YHCmochi (dh) vs. TFmaximum (ba)

artist, GrainGnome


sensei: shoryuken

Gods Garden 2, SSF4 Online Tournament.

27 Sep

Gods Garden have mashed up a tournament with a prize pool close to six-thousand usd. Momochi is using Ken which is great fun to see and what’s alot of joy is the first match is him and Daigo beasting it out. Daigo basicly is beasting everybody going hard not loosing one match also his footsies are beyond me, think I saw him not jump at Momochi for two games or rounds. Besides these two there are Mochi (DH) and Sako (CA) who are fucking crazy and alot can be learned from their gameplay. I love Gods Garden and I love Street Fighter.

1# 2# 3# 4# 5# 6# 7#

source, sensei: shoryuken, gods garden

instant hellmurder trap.

23 Sep

instant cheeseburger

sensei, hadoken.net

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