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till the world ends

30 Apr

britney spears. till the world ends, bloody beetroots remix

feels like what’s left from it is a dot, the dot is getting fullblown black now, once there was a huge hole.

can’t believe i’m still fucked up.

artist, sic-josh



So-So D-E Dot F.

20 Feb
First verse a nigga ever went at.

jagged edge, jermaine dupri, nelly. where the party at

artist, sphc


thats that crack music nigga

23 Jan

kanye west. crack music, that real black music nigga


19 seconds of orgasm, the rest is just foreplay.

26 Nov

chemical brothers. playground for a wedgeless farm

now dont you wanna grow up to be just like me?

19 Nov

eminem. role model

artist, Leon370


the simple life of a shoto

7 Nov

hot chip. ready for the floor (club remix)

he’s just about ready for the floor, hado. (the picture is ranked, not the song)

source, shoryuken



28 Oct

mgmt. the youth

artist, thesouthparkclub

shit is eazy

26 Oct

time freeze, flash-step forward, walk past blurred. by this time you were done at the first sentance. told you, shit is easy.

eazy-e. boyz n the hood

dewa mata.

artist, NTDevont

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