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protoman in this.

12 Jun

marcud d. protoman tribute




If I was an Ωmega Man.

19 Feb

megaman 3. blue reflection (oc remix)

artist, Trinity630

remixer, injury

composer, Yasuaki Fujita

word of advice, dont fuck with seymour

4 Oct

he will wife your bitch, father your kids, try to kill you and take over the world.

Chrono Trigger

2 Oct
Trigger ignition is about to begin.

if you dont like these 2 songs, get the fuck out of my site.
afterwall it’s not everyday you get to hear not one, but two S-Rank pieces, it’s my    *…erro.*..


godamn yun is sexy

19 Sep

im extatic about these two twin rollers, fuck hundred year old martial artists we’re all about the yun‘ginz.

thats right punish bitch guiles who use roundhouse like fags. (the guile in the link <- is ume and he is not gay, just had to point that out cuz he a beast and beasts dont even like humans, K.O before sex, sonic buum).

this alternative video aint as good as the number one but hey it’s gameplay!¤!omg!¤”#¤$$

sensei: hadoken.net

artist, GENZOMAN



alternative video

finally ken masters with long hair.

19 Sep

was gettin real tired of his short mushroomcap hair. SHORYUKEN!

blood on the asphalt, Ken's theme



the world just got darker

3 Sep

so i guess i just got strongerupdated my wardrobe, oh and by the way this time my sword will cut you into four pieces you darkworld motherfucker.

hooked on sidequests

26 Aug

oldschool shit, i was proud of my score but im pretty sure its absolute shit.

but hey who cares i beat myself over and over so fuck you!

p.s jecht is a badass motherfucker.

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